LA Win the Elite Men's Team Handball Championship

LA, Houston, Miami take division titles at 2010 USA National Championships

May 24, 2010

Los Angeles became the first team from the west coast to win the USA Men’s Championship since 1995 leading a wave of new medalists in the 42nd USA Team Handball National Championships. LA defeated the New England Freeze in the Men’s Elite Division Championship by the score of 25-20.

Miami Storm won the Men’s Open title, while Houston Firehawks took honors in the Women’s field on Sunday, ending the three-day tournament at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.In the entertaining Men’s Open Division, Miami held off pesky Minnesota, 29-26, to claim the title in its first season as a club. Denver claimed the bronze medal, capping a remarkable turnaround for them and Minnesota. Together, they fielded a joint team in 2009 Nationals only to finish 19th out of 20 teams in Elgin, IL.

Houston Firehawks, a team that placed third in 2009, avenged its loss to Chicago Inter in the 2009 semi finals and took the Women’s Elite Division title by dethroning the two time defending champion 38-25.

Video of the Men’s Elite and Women’s Elite Championships will soon be available to watch at

Miami A wins the Men's Open Division

Miami A wins the Men’s Open Division

Men’s Open Division Final Standings:
1. Miami Storm A
2. Minnesota
3. Denver
4. Seattle
6. Las Vegas Scorpions
7. Knight Air
8. Santa Clarita
9. New York City II
10. Los Angeles Black
11. Miami Storm B
12. Salt Lake
13. North Carolina

Houston Wins the Women's Team Handball Championship

Houston Wins the Women’s Championship

Women’s Elite Division Final Standings:
1. Houston Firehawks
2. Chicago Inter
3. Denver
4. NE Freeze
5. Cal Heat Smurfs
6. New York City
7. Carolina
8. DC Diplomats
9. Salt Lake

LA Win the Elite Men's Team Handball Championship

LA Win the Elite Men’s Championship

Men’s Elite Division Final Standings:

1. Los Angeles Blue
2. New England Freeze
3. New York City
4. Houston Firehawks
5. Cal Heat
6. Chicago Inter
7. ATH United
8. Carolina Blue