Inter Dominates at the 2011 Michael Lipov Tournament

November 7, 2011
Chicago Inter "Black" wins the 2011 Michael Lipov Handball Tournament

Inter "Black" performs the traditional victory pose after winning the 2011 Michael Lipov Tournament Photo by Jerzy Malysz of

The second annual Michael Lipov Memorial Handball tournament hosted by Chicago Inter was held, October 28-30th.  The competition this year was spread far more evenly than in years past.  The tournament was the club’s first competitions of the season and the first opportunity to integrate new players in with the returning veterans.

There were a number of very close and exciting games, including the final, which was a back and forth battle between the opposing styles of Inter Black’s traditional set attack and West Point’s full-court press.  The Inter men were leading by as many as 6 goals in the second half when West Point capitalized on several Inter 2-minute penalties to mount a comeback and take the lead themselves.  The lead would change several more times in the tense final minutes until the buzzer left Inter as the victors.

Inter vetern, Jolanta Kunickaite, dominated the weekend on the women's side. Photo by Jerzy Malysz of

On the women’s side, Jolanta Kunickaite stole the show, scoring pretty much at will throughout the entire weekend.  She led the women to a perfect 4-0 record and a first place finish.  Jolanta also secured both the “Top Scorer” and Most Valuable Player trophies, which were presented by Inter’s special guests: Former Soviet Union goalkeeper, Nataliya Mitrjuk and son of the late Michael Lipov, Lenny Lipov.

Coach Felix Murokh was pleased with how well all the Inter teams played throughout the tournament.  “I’m happy with the consistent performances from our veteran Chicago players and especially with how some of the new players stepped up.” 

Lukasz Kantor in goal at the 2011 Michael Lipov Handball Tournament

Lukasz Kantor explodes on a penalty shot. He would be named the tournament's Most Valuable Goalie. Photo by Jerzy Malysz of


  1. Chicago Inter Black
  2. USMA West Point
  3. New York Athletic Club
  4. Chicago Inter Yellow
  5. Minnesota Team Handball


  1. Chicago Inter
  2. UNC
  3. USMA West Point
As always, Inter thanks all of the teams for their support and participation.  We look forward to seeing you all back in Chicago for the 2012 edition.