Michael Lipov Memorial Cup 2013 Schedule

October 25, 2013

The following is the schedule for the Fourth annual Michael Lipov Memorial Cup. Good luck to all participating teams!

Group A
Army Gold

Group B
Army Black
Chicago Inter

New Jersey

Friday 25-Oct

Main Gym

12:00 Army Black vs Moscow
13:15 NYAC vs Minnesota
14:40 Columbus vs Chicago Inter
15:55 NYAC vs Army Gold
17:20 Army Black vs Chicago Inter
18:35 Inter vs Carolina
19:50 Carolina vs New Jersey

Small Gym
17:20 Moscow vs Columbus

Saturday 26-Oct

Main Gym

8:00 Columbus vs Army Black
9:15 New Jersey vs Inter
10:30 Chicago Inter vs Moscow
11:45 Minnesota vs Army Gold
13:00 Carolina vs New Jersey
14:15 3B vs 4B
15:30 2A vs 1B
16:55 Carolina vs Inter
18:20 1A vs 2B

Small Gym

14:45 New Jersey vs Inter

Sunday 27-Oct

Main Gym

9:00 5th – 6th Place
10:30 Women’s Gold Medal Match
12:00 Bronze Medal Match
13:45 Men’s Gold Medal Match