Meet your handball coaches

September 5, 2016

What a perfect way to start the season after the Rio 2016 Olympics! Rio brought us some real exciting and entertaining team handball games.
Yes, team handball is that sport that looks like water polo on land and watching it during the Olympics made you eager to try your luck at it!

Well, you are in luck! Chicago Inter Handball is the place for you. We are an amateur team handball team and welcome everyone to come and try this exciting sport.

Meet the staff

Like in any sports organization, our main focus as a team is being on the top of the podium. That ambition does not come easy so we put a strong focus on our coaching staff during this off-season.

This year, the men’s team will be under the leadership of two highly qualified individuals: Takaki (Tak) Mimura and Justas Dambrauskas. Both gentlemen bring years of experience of the game and are excited to get their hands dirty to reach the gold in May.

On the women’s team, the duties of head coach will be handled by Alexander Lohr who will be assisted, when needed, by Patrick Jalabert. This duo also brings astonishing experience and energy to the team.

M_3_Alexander LOHR 14JPG   M_12_Patrick JALABERT 44JPG

The board of directors, coaching staff, and players are excited to start this new season. Come join us and be part of our Chicago Inter Handball family.

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