End of the 2016-17 season

July 11, 2017

A solid foundation for the future

Shiny bronze medals for the 14 players of Chicago Inter Men’s team! We competed in the US Team Handball Open National Championship held in Myrtle Beach, SC on May 19 – 21, 2017. This was the first “Nationals” in the history of the club to compete in Open Division One. Our roster brought older but experienced players and young, energetic rookies together to form a confident team with solid defense. Hard practices paid off!!!

For our women team We knew from the beginning of the season that this year would be different. We were looking back at a legacy of the most successful years any team in the US has ever achieved. In the last six years alone the team collected three gold and three silver medals. At the end of last season several key players announced their well-deserved retirement and left the remaining players with a big gap to fill. The gap became even bigger when we lost two additional players due to injury and travel conflicts. Nevertheless, the team was excited to travel to South Carolina and represent the legacy of our club. Although this year’s result is below previous years’ performances, this team has shown that there is a lot of potential and growth opportunity for the team moving forward. Rebuilding takes time and the goal is to keep improving until the team is back on the top of the score board.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, supporters, teammates, friends and families of the Chicago Inter Handball Club for your continuous support throughout the season. A special thanks goes to our newest sponsor, Factor 75, for providing all meals during the tournament!