The Midwest League is born

September 5, 2017



A dynamic region

Over the past few months, the Midwest region has seen a significant increase in handball activity. Aside from the steady commitment of its most experienced clubs, Chicago Inter and Minnesota TH, many groups have emerged to make the region one of the fastest growing in the country.

Through tireless dedication, Coach ROT of Barrington THC has developed one of the most accomplished youth programs in the nation. He now has his sights set on expanding that effort and making the greater Chicago area a pool of young talent of all ages.

During the same time, Ryan PETERSON has brought his passion of handball to Milwaukee and founded Milwaukee United Handball Club. This group is growing continuously and participated in their first US Open Championships last May.

After several years of ramp up, the Illinois State and Ohio State University programs have reached a strong competitive level. This has lead to the emergence of other college and alumni teams throughout the Midwest.


A league is born

To capitalize on this growth, we are happy to announce the foundation of the Midwest Team Handball League. Starting out as a four-team competition, we hope to expand rapidly, with an ambitious objective to place the Midwest on the podium of each division at the US Open Championships.

This inaugural season for the Midwest Team Handball League will kick-off in Minnesota on September 30, and continue through April. We will have four events comprising a 12-game championship to crown our first ever official Midwest Champion. As defined by the USA Team Handball Competition Committee, the winner of our Midwest title will earn a coveted spot in the USATH Elite Division at the Open Championships.  Our goal is a big one: earning a first Elite National Championship medal by the time we are ready to start our second season.


Follow us!

To follow-us all season long, check out our official website or our Facebook page. To get involved in the league, you can find a list of active teams below. Check them out!



Become a part of the league

Invest in the league’s future by joining one of the possible expansion teams, or starting your own. Check out the list of existing Midwest teams below or contact us for information on how to start your own team.

  • Illinois State University
  • Ohio State University
  • Miami (OH)
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Pitt THC
  • Ohio University
  • Columbus Armada